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Nutramara is a 100% Irish owned and operated blue biotechnology company, ideally located on the south-west coast of Ireland in Western Europe. Nutramara is a leader in the blue revolution, harnessing the power of biotechnology, biology and the ocean to develop next generation phytochemical ingredients and formulations.

Ireland’s western coastline is over 3,000 km in length, so it is not surprising that there is a long and interesting history of seaweed use in this area. Its location in the North Atlantic Ocean with mild climatic conditions arising from the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, ensures an abundant and diverse natural aquatic flora.

Seaweed is a fully renewable natural resource in Ireland that provides Nutramara with an unparalleled organic raw material that is sustainably harvested and processed in Ireland to extract a range of highly bioactive ingredients & extracts and to create superior quality formulations inspired by the sea.

While nutramara was founded in 2017, the company is building on decades of knowledge and millions of euro of research which has been carried out into the rapidly growing marine biorefinery space. The company founders and extended Nutramara team have extensive experience in seaweed, science, production and business development which is the driving force behind this innovative and progressive company.