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A team of world-class scientists, PhD students and Post Docs work collaboratively within Nutramara to engage in innovation partnerships, focused upon developing scientifically validated high value marine derived ingredients and formulations.


While there is a wealth of peer-reviewed publications available relating to the benefits of seaweed extracts (in excess of 3,000 for fucoidan alone), Nutramara have commenced a proprietary testing program exploring ingredients produced via the novel Nutramara process.


Phase 1 is evaluating a suite of bioactivities related to key physiological systems utilising state-of- the-art in cell models’ protein and genomic technologies. This will be followed by human studies (phase 2) to further explore Nutramara ingredient efficacies in vivo.


Nutramara also has sister companies in the west of Ireland, where in-depth macro & micro algae research is taking place. One such project includes the cultivation of seaweeds on long lines and in tanks to ensure future sustainability & traceability of supply.


It is through these collaborations that Nutramara aims to push the boundaries of science to innovate for the future, creating products of superior quality from the sea.


Shannon ABC identifies innovative ingredients and biological products from natural resources using novel state-of-the-art processes to obtain lead molecules for drug development and value added food, flavour and health products. The Centre has a strong history of collaboration with industry in the area of bioactive compounds, as well as the broader Irish biotechnology sector, and was established through funding co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Applied Research Enhancement (ARE) Program.


Teagasc, the Agriculture and Food Development Authority, is the national body providing integrated research, advisory and training services to the agriculture and food industries and rural communities. It was established in September 1988 under the Agriculture (Research, Training and Advice) Act, 1988.


BEACON Bioeconomy Research Centre is developing sustainable novel processes and products using biobased resources, creating clusters for new industry partnerships and delivering the expertise and trained workforce to translate new technologies into new sustainable products, processes, markets and industries.